Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 2018

Dragon Boat Festival The fifth lunar month is a traditional folk festival of China – the Dragon Boat Festival. It is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. Duanwu also known as the end of five, Duanyang. In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival also has many other names, such as: Midday Festival, … Read more

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 2015

​​The second Chinese Dragon Boat Festival ​co-hosted by CCAT and Dragon Boat Tasmania, was successfully held at Short Beach, Sandy Bay on Sunday 21 June 2015​.​ The day of the festival was a cold but very calm and sunny day ​perfect for dragon boating;​ ​​perhaps the dragons must have been smiling.​ ​The festival kicked off … Read more

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 2013

六月九日星期天, 華人联誼會會所內充滿歡樂氣氛, 有170位會員及朋友共同慶祝瑞午節, 享受由各委員精心泡制的美食, 有叉燒, 牛腩, 甜酸煆, 麻婆豆腐, 素雜錦及傳統糉子等, 更有剛由上海移民塔洲的朱玉庭教授表演小提琴獨奏, 及王子源小音樂家彈古箏助慶。餐後是抽獎環節, 各中獎幸運兒都開心不已, 在此銘謝上海樓餐館,金舫酒家, 和明園餐館贊助抽獎獎品, 更加要多謝眾委員連日來的努力籌備和分工, 才能令聯歡會如此成功。 The Chinese Community Association of Tasmania celebrated the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival with 170 members and friends at the Clubhouse on Sunday, 9 June 2013 with a scrumptious buffet lunch including  barbecued pork, braised beef, sweet and sour prawns, … Read more