Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

What a glorious day it’s been celebrating both the Mid-Autumn Festival and Happy Fathers Day 2014.  We had the perfect weather with yummy food and entertainment to be shared with families and friends.  The heart of the Festival to be sharing with your loved ones.  Big thank you to the committee for all their hard work in making this event a success.

Here is the song that you enjoyed singing at the Mid-Autumn Festival 2014, it was originally sung by the late Teresa Teng.

She was a very very famous Taiwanese singer – you can see why when you hear her singing:


 Also, below is the lyrics in Chinese, pinyin and English translation that I found (but as with any Chinese-English translation on the Net, don’t expect a master literature standard).

1. 甜蜜蜜,   甜蜜蜜

Tiánmìmì, nǐ xiào dé tiánmìmì

Sweet you smile sweetly

好像 花儿     

Hǎo xiàng huār kāi zài chūn fēng lǐ

Like the flower to bloom in the spring breeze


Kāi zài chūn fēng lǐ

Bloom in the spring breeze

2. 在 哪里, 哪里 见过 

Zài nǎ lǐ, zài nǎ lǐ jiàn guò nǐ

In where, in where, (I) have seen you

你的 笑容 这样 熟悉

Nǐ de xiàoróng zhèyàng shúxī

Your smile so familiar


Wǒ yīshí xiǎng bù qǐ

I can not remember at this moment


Ā zài mèng lǐ

Ah in dream

3.   ,   见过 

Mèng lǐ, mèng lǐ jiànguò nǐ

in dream, in dream, (I) have seen you

甜蜜, *  甜蜜

Tiánmì, xiào *dé duō tiánmì

Sweet, smile so sweet

 , ,  就是 

Shì nǐ, shì nǐ, mèngjiàn de jiù shì nǐ

Was you, was you, (it) was you in (my) dream

Repeat 2, 2, 3, 2.