Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 2015

​​The second Chinese Dragon Boat Festival ​co-hosted by CCAT and Dragon Boat Tasmania, was successfully held at Short Beach, Sandy Bay on Sunday 21 June 2015​.​ The day of the festival was a cold but very calm and sunny day ​perfect for dragon boating;​ ​​perhaps the dragons must have been smiling.​ ​The festival kicked off … Read more


日期:          2014年  8月24曰   星期天 Date:         Sunday,  24 August  2014 時間:          中午十二時正 Time:        From 12:00noon 地點:          塔省華人聯誼會會所 Venue:      Chinese Community Association of Tasmania Clubhouse 7  Burnett Place, North Hobart 費用:          每位八元 (包括午餐) Cost:          $8.00 (including lunch) 聯絡人:       Josephine Tam  0417 106 582 Contact:    Lily Chan             0402 410 481

Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

What a glorious day it’s been celebrating both the Mid-Autumn Festival and Happy Fathers Day 2014.  We had the perfect weather with yummy food and entertainment to be shared with families and friends.  The heart of the Festival to be sharing with your loved ones.  Big thank you to the committee for all their hard work … Read more

2015 Management Committee

        OFFICE NAME President    Lily Chan                      Vice-Presidents    Raymond Chan      Margaret Chung Secretary    Gar Foong Assistant Secretary    Daniel Chan Treasurer    William Lo Assistant Treasurer    Regina Wong Public Officer    Peter Chung Committee Members    Raymond Chau … Read more

2013 CCAT Management Committee

Recognition of our Past Committees   2013 Management Committee President  Daniel CHAN  會長:  陳源利 Vice Presidents Peter CHUNG                       副會長: 锺兆長Margaret CHUNG                  鍾麗蟬 Secretary Stephen FONG                         秘書: 方兆鸿 Asst Secretary   Treasurer Pierce SIU                                  財政:  蕭啟榮 Asst Treasurer   Public Relations Officer   Committee Members Lily CHAN, Raymond CHAU, Aileen … Read more